Matt Gaetz's "wingman" sentenced to 11 years for sex trafficking, corruption, fraud, etc.

Joel Greenberg, who implicated Florida congressman Matt Gaetz in the sex trafficking charges to which he pleaded guilty, was sentenced to 11 years imprisonment yesterday. Commentators say the severity of the punishment suggests he didn't significantly help the investigation into Gaetz, and that charges against the congressman are unlikely.

Greenberg has been linked to other Florida politicians and their associates. So far, none has been implicated in the sex trafficking investigation.

After the hearing, Scheller called Greenberg's sentence just.

Scheller said he was shocked that Greenberg's cooperation hadn't yet resulted in more prosecutions and that Greenberg has been in communication with federal investigators in the past three months. When asked whether he thought others would be charged with sex crimes, the defense attorney said, "I do."

"There should be, and I think part of my frustration is that I have a pretty good insight into the evidence in this case," Scheller said.