Under court order, Arizona county officials certify election results

Conservative officials in Cochise County, Arizona, didn't like how locals voted in last month's midterm elections. This plan met a problem in the form of Judge Casey McGinley, who ordered them to complete the official canvass within 90 minutes.

The Republicans made clear they have no compunction at all over trying to flip the election and that the only reason they were backing down is the immediate prospect of legal sanction.

Two Republicans on Cochise County's three-member board of supervisors balked for weeks about certifying the election, even as the deadline passed on Monday. They did not cite any problems with the election results.

"I am not ashamed of anything I did," said Supervisor Peggy Judd, one of the two Republicans who twice blocked certification.

The board members had to represent themselves in court because no lawyer could be found willing to take the case, reports the AP. Here's more from The Atlantic.

Correction: the canvass in Cochise County could not have changed the statewide results in favor of the Republican Party.