Unlike Marjorie Taylor Greene, her identical twin doesn't fancy neo-Nazi Nick Fuentes (video)

Someone who looks like Marjorie Taylor Greene, sounds like Marjorie Taylor Greene, and even acts like Marjorie Taylor Greene, just went on Twitter and said she doesn't know "why Kanye West would align himself" with neo-Nazi Nick Fuentes (see video below).

But she can't be the same person as the Georgia Qongresswoman, because the real Madge aligned herself with the white supremacist last February when she not only attended, but spoke at his America First Political Action Conference.

Later, after she received major backlash for aligning herself with the Holocaust denier, Greene — like Donald Trump (after inviting Kanye West and the same Nick Fuentes to Mar-a-Lago for dinner) — pretended she didn't really know who Fuentes was. Funny how amnesia hits MAGA cultists when it suits them.

Front page thumbnail image: lev radin / shutterstock.com