Paul Thomas Anderson's next film shooting next summer

There's a tremendous burden attached to achieving greatness at a young age. If the pressure of the position doesn't cause your knees to buckle, the mounting insecurity that develops from not being able to top yourself will. Too often, prodigies and "overnight sensations" stumble out of the spotlight due to the psychological weight associated with their success. 

By 28, Paul Thomas Anderson burst on the scene as one of the most refreshing and conversely mature voices in 90s cinema. After Boogie Nights hit theaters, Anderson became a hot rookie with sizeable buzz. Now in his 50s, Anderson hasn't just lived up to his potential; he's exceeded it time and time again. With a string of Oscar-nominated films under his belt, whenever Anderson decides to make a new film, cinephiles worldwide take notice. 

According to Collider, Paul Thomas Anderson's return to cinemas after the critically acclaimed Licorice Pizza will begin shooting in the summer of next year. 

Over the course of twenty-plus years, Paul Thomas Anderson has established himself as one of our finest, most accomplished, and most electrifying filmmakers. Producing masterpiece after masterpiece, Anderson only continues to hone his skills and demonstrate his cinematic vision, and that likely won't change anytime soon. In the lead-up to the release of last year's Licorice Pizza, there were rumors swimming around that Anderson was already working on his follow-up film. Now, we can confirm that is, indeed, the case.

As it was spotted on the casting site Actors Access, there is currently a casting call for an upcoming project referred to simply as "Untitled CK/PTA Studio Feature Film." The CK, it should be noted, relates to casting director Cassandra Kulukundis, whom Anderson has worked with going all the way back to Boogie Nights. There aren't too many details to glean from the project simply from this notice, though it should be reported that Kulukundis and Anderson are looking for a 15-to-16-year-old female of mixed ethnicity. Also, the casting call notes that the actress should be "physically athletic and excels at Martial Arts." Furthermore, the talent search reveals that PTA's forthcoming film hopes to start production in the summer of 2023, and Anderson will, once again, film his hometown of Los Angeles.