Prinker's temporary tattoo printer is perfect for parties or as a gift, and it's $40 off

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Anyone unsure about getting a tattoo has undoubtedly waffled about precisely what they'll get or if they're even comfortable with having something on their body that'll last a lifetime. Not to mention, getting tatted isn't for the faint of heart. Tiny needles need to poke your body to deposit the ink, and if you're getting a big piece, you might be under the needle for several hours and multiple sessions. Simply put, it's not the type of decision you should make on a whim. 

But with a temporary tattoo printer like the Prinker M, you can try a tattoo on for size without the finality or pain that come with the real thing. It's currently on sale for $229 or $40 off, which is a whole lot cheaper than removing the strange art you woke up to after a drunken bender.

As the world's first mobile digital tattoo device, Prinker M allows users to create temporary tattoos on the fly. So whether you're planning a themed outfit for parties, events, and festivals or just want to experiment, the Prinker M has you covered (in ink!)

To use the Prinker M, sync it with your iPhone or Android. Then, you can choose from over 12,000 pre-made designs or make something totally unique. After that, you'll send the design to the Prinker M, which can produce CMYK-composite colors.

The device is small enough to fit the palm of your hand, and at .37 pounds, you can tot it virtually anywhere. It ships with the printer, ink cartridge, skin primer, a USB-C to USB-A Charging Cable, a nozzle, and a cartridge storage bag. Additionally, the tattoos use FDA VCRP-registered cruelty-free, cosmetic ink that's water-resistant and soap-washable.

See why this temporary tattoo printer earned 8.9 out of 10 on The Gadget Flow. As the holiday season approaches, the Prinker M will command much attention at those late-year parties. It would be an excellent gift for children ages 10 and older. Or, you can get it for yourself to test drive for fun.

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