The Goonies house has been sold to a collector who intends to preserve it

That didn't take long! The sellers sound super happy, the buyer wants to protect the house, and One-Eyed Willie's Inferno haunts the coast. The home is currently in escrow, with a backup offer, and once title changes hands no one will be allowed entry without performing the Truffle Shuffle.

Oregon Live:

Miller says the potential new owner first saw "The Goonies" when it was released in 1985 with his mom, brother, sister and his friend, Michael ("Mikey").

He considers himself a "Goonie," which he defines as friends sticking together.

"My childhood friendships were, and still are, instrumental to my development and success," he told Miller. "Buying this home is one huge step in showing your dreams can become reality with the right friends around you. You don't have to be rich to achieve your dreams, but you do need a strong support group, honesty and a desire for adventure."

He recalls his first reaction to the movie reinforced his continuing beliefs that a child's imagination is limitless, adventure is to be embraced and you can't predict where chance leads you.

He sees buying the storied property as a way to relive his childhood, and Astoria as "magical with the almost daily fog that can either turn into pure sunshine or a cozy day at the coast."

As the next owner of "The Goonies" house, he says he is most excited to "duh! Live in the Goon Docks."