A sheepdog from Georgia killed eight coyotes to defend his flock

Cartoons have a way of unintentionally instilling several preconceived notions about the animal kingdom. In the world of cartoons, cats and dogs are mortal enemies, locked in a perpetual battle that will last until the heat death of the universe. Moreover, dogs are always the physical aggressors across all animated altercations. However, whenever you watch clips of cats and dogs interacting on YouTube, this couldn't be further from the truth. More times than not, cats are the instigators that stand their ground whenever the two square off. Other times, the two animals exist in perfect harmony. I've got half a mind to sue Hanna Barbera and MGM for false advertising. 

But when all hope of animals behaving like their fictional counterparts seems lost, you come across a story like the one linked below. According to CBSNews, a sheepdog from Georgia risked his life to defend his flock from coyotes and killed eight in the process. Foghorn Leghorn needs to be on his best behavior these days. 

A Georgia sheepdog is recovering at home after killing a pack of coyotes that attacked his owner's flock of sheep, farmer John Wierwiller said.

Casper, a 20-month old Great Pyrenees from Decatur, fought off a pack of coyotes who were threatening John Wierwiller's sheep farm, he said. The fight lasted longer than half an hour, left eight coyotes dead and bloodied Casper, with skin and part of his tail torn off, Wierwiller told Atlanta's WAGA-TV.

He scampered off but returned injured two days later after Wierwiller put out a call on social media.