Mike Bennett's Snow Day is a cool holiday pop-up in downtown Portland, Oregon

I stumbled upon Mike Bennett's Snow Day pop-up shop on a recent visit to Portland, Oregon. I wasn't previously familiar with the artist, but I spent a long time in there admiring his work and the tremendous effort it must have taken to produce a pop-up of this caliber. I had to know more.

I learned that Mike Bennett, described as a "public joy creator," has been decorating his lawn with his art—brightly colored painted characters on reclaimed wood— for a few years now. He writes, "people were using my yard as an escape from the monotony of early pandemic days." Popular with Portlanders of all ages, his lawn-art evolved into more of an educational installation, collectively known as The A to Zoo Family Lawn Museum. Now, he's got this amazing pop-up shop located downtown at The Cleaners (rotating storefront of the Ace Hotel Portland). I took a bunch of photos so you can get a sense of how cool this place is! There are ornaments, stickers, wrapping paper, greeting cards, and lots of other products. But I think I was most delighted that he had mass-printed corrugated plastic "signs" so people can decorate their own lawns with his art. So clever!

Mike Bennett's Snow Day ornament balls lawn signs/ photo: Rusty Blazenhoff
These are also lawn signs / photo: Rusty Blazenhoff
Mike Bennett's Snow Day paint-your-own ornaments/ photo: Rusty Blazenhoff
Mike Bennett's Snow Day pop-up / photo: Rusty Blazenhoff
Mike Bennett's Snow Day entrance/ photo: Rusty Blazenhoff
image: Mike Bennett's Snow Day

Mike Bennett's Snow Day
403 SW 10th Ave
Portland, Oregon 97205

Open 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily through December 31, 2022

Not in Portland? Some products are available online.

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