Mr Marcaille plays death metal in his underwear

Mr Marcaille (no abbreviation period after the Mr) plays death metal in his underwear. He prefers the cello and a couple of kick drums. Here is a video of him playing a Red Fang cover in a park at a music festival.

From Mr. Marcaille's web presence:

"Perched upon a stool, flanked by amps and speakers, he batters the holy hell out of two kick drums while jamming on a cello and screaming into his microphone. That's the work of three people executed by one man in a pair of rather short shorts… (Metal Hammer) … Originally born in the north of French country, his learning of Cello conducted him to an original approach of the instrument, mixing the classical way of playing with the rock'n'roll spirit, building a unique and very personal practice of music, a one-man band called Mr Marcaille."

In this video from the Towers of Madness Festival in Stuttgart, Mr Marcaille covers Napalm Death, S.O.D., and Nuclear Assault. I wonder how this trends?