Tomorrow the US Supreme Court will decide the fate of free and fair presidential elections

Now that the US Supreme Court is part of the far-right Federalist Society, it will interesting to see if they decide to end Presidential elections in America. Tomorrow (December 7) the court will hear the case of Moore v Harper. The ruling "will decide on the theory of independent state legislature (invoked by SCOTUS in 2000 to stop the Florida recount and hand the election to Bush)," says The Juice Media.

From Vox:

Moore is also potentially the biggest threat to free and fair elections in the United States to reach the Supreme Court in my lifetime — and I was alive for Bush v. Gore. Four justices have endorsed the utterly nonsensical legal theory underlying Moore, which means that, unless one of those four has second thoughts, the future of US elections will be decided by Trump-appointed Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

Under the strongest form of this doctrine, members of each state's legislative branch have unchecked authority to decide how elections for Congress and the presidency will be conducted in their state — indeed, a state legislature could potentially pass a law canceling the presidential election in that state and awarding its electoral votes to Donald Trump. Any state constitutional provisions that protect the right to vote, that limit gerrymandering, or that otherwise constrain lawmakers' ability to skew elections would cease to function. State governors would lose their ability to veto laws impacting federal elections. And state courts would lose their authority to strike down these laws.

Here's a podcast that goes more deeply into Moore v Harper:

A couple of years ago, The Juice Media did a great video about Qanon: