Watch this perfect fusion of metal guitar riffs and Indian singers

If you're a regular on social media, you've probably encountered your friends posting their Spotify wrapped this month. Every year, Spotify will detail your annual listening habits with a fun list that condenses all the songs you engaged with over the previous 12 months. Spotify will even tell you what percentile your plays place you among your favorite artist's top fans. However, one of the streaming service's best features is how it tracks the genres you've explored throughout the year. 

Despite wording it in a slightly condescending manner, Spotify will happily let you know how often you ventured outside the confines of your preferred genres. Even when you account for those with the most diverse tastes in music, you'll scarcely come across anyone whose Spotify wrapped includes the two genres linked above. In the video at the top of this blog, the YouTuber Andre Antunes provides some sweet metal licks inspired by System of a Down over the Nooran Sisters' singing Patakha Guddi