Cancel-culture ends San Francisco's plans for killer robots

A day after a crowd protested outside San Francisco City Hall, the county board of supervisors has reversed its plans to use killer robots to enforce the peace. While initially only intended for use in 'emergency situations' the woke, liberal, killer robot-hating citizens of San Francisco have seen movies, and know it'd soon be all situations.


"The people of San Francisco have spoken loud and clear: There is no place for killer police robots in our city," supervisor Dean Preston told ABC News in a statement. "There have been more killings at the hands of police than any other year on record nationwide. We should be working on ways to decrease the use of force by local law enforcement, not giving them new tools to kill people."
The news comes a day after community groups protested outside San Francisco's City Hall condemning the ordinance, which the San Francisco Board of Supervisors approved in an 8-3 vote on Nov. 29.

Image: screen grab