Fox host Laura Ingraham rants against GOP after Walker defeat: "I'm pissed! … I'm mad!" (video)

Like the toddler who hurls her toys out the window and then throws a temper tantrum because her toys are smashed to bits, Laura Ingraham went on a "pissed" and "mad" rant last night after Herschel Walker lost the Senate race to Raphael Warnock.

And like said toddler, the Fox host blames the loss on everyone but those who are most at fault: Fox News, who pushed hollow enthusiasm for an obvious lemon of a candidate; n'er-do-well Donald Trump, who hand-picked yet another 2022 midterm loser; and Herschel Walker himself.

"We have the same people in place in leadership. The same people in place, apparently, at the RNC, perhaps that's not changing. We are doing the same thing over and over again," Ingraham spat, faulting those "same people in place" for the GOP's defeat, yet neglecting to include all of Fox News' same hosts in place.

"I'm PISSED tonight, frankly! … I'm mad!" And, sadly, she is not able to pick up her toys before going home.

Front page thumbnail image: Fox News (screengrab)