Pioneering sci-fi and fantasy author C.L. Moore reads her 1933 story "Shambleau"

One of the most arresting short stories in Peter Bebergal's Appendix N sword & sorcery anthology was C.L. Moore's trippy, fantasy horror story "Black God's Kiss." The appearance of that story in the book inspired a roleplaying game adventure setting and I'm sure introduced a lot of people to the work of Ms. Moore.

I am one of those people. I'd heard the name C.L. Moore, but was unfamiliar with the work and had no idea the author was a woman writing fantasy, horror, and sci-fi in the 1930s and 40s. After Appendix N, I marched right out and picked up a C.L. Moore anthology.

Having now read all of the Jirel of Joiry sword & sorcery stories, I was just about to start in on Moore's novella, "Shambleau," when I saw someone post this link on social media. It's Ms. Moore herself reading the piece, which first appeared in Weird Tales in 1933.