The Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to focus on "quality over quantity" in the coming phases

Phase four of the Marvel cinematic universe just didn't work. Even if it boasts some of your favorite Marvel films, one only needs to look at the divided critical response for phase four to see that the MCU needs retooling. Aside from its box office dominance, Marvel built its brand on its astonishing ability to dazzle critics consistently with solid films. Sure, there's not a critic alive that would be caught dead comparing Guardians of the Galaxy to Citizen Kane, but Marvel films were always well-received for what they were. However, post-Avengers: Endgame, Marvel has been struggling to wow critics and fans simultaneously. 

With Black Panther: Wakanda Forever mercifully bringing Marvel's most chaotic and unfocused phase to an end, it seems like the cinematic leg of the house of ideas needs to put its nickname to work. According to Comic Book Resources, Marvel studios has internally begun discussing a quality-over-quantity approach for phases five and six

Marvel could be looking to focus on quality over quantity for the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Phases 5 and 6.

According to a Marvel Studios source cited by Cosmic Circus, the studio is re-examining its upcoming slate after "internal negative feedback" over Phase 4's distribution and quality. The issues addressed behind the scenes allegedly include creative difficulties with scripts, post-production problems and lackluster visual effects. To prevent Phases 5 and 6 from continuing down a similar path, the report claims Disney could ensure a creative oversight on MCU projects still in the pre-production stage, which in effect could see future projects delayed or outright canceled. Of course, it's worth noting this report has yet to be confirmed through any official Disney or Marvel channels at the time of this writing.