This electronic muscle stimulator might keep your snooze void of snores

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It ain't easy being sleepy, that's for sure. There's a lot to keep you up at night, so don't let your snoring be another factor. An electronic muscle stimulator like the Snore Circle might be your ticket to as many hours of sleep as your anxiety will allow, and it's on sale for $69.99 (reg. $129). 

Alright, serial snorers, it's time to try something new to succumb to some serious snoozing. By quietly stimulating the muscles under your chin, the Snore Circle can reduce that freight train sound without bothering you or your partner. It works by using EMA-TENS technology and releases micro impulse interventions, which may stabilize and regulate your breathing pattern before you have to take in a huge gasp. 

Featuring 30 intensity levels, the Snore Circle adjusts as needed to your snoring differentiates without discomfort. Just sync the device to the Sleeplus app via Bluetooth, adhere the disposable, conductive strip under your chin, and head on down to dream town. (But make sure you don't take a sharp left to nightmare village. We hear that place sucks.)

Worried about slobber causing the patch to loosen? A valid fear, but one that shouldn't keep you up at night (like your current snoring patterns do). The adhesive should stay put throughout the night and is made of medical-grade flexible, skin-friendly, and hypoallergenic cloth, so you never have to worry about pimples plaguing your face.

If you need more reason to give the Snore Circle a try (besides your partner threatening to sleep in the guest room, of course), the 1,062 backers who raised $140,464 on Indiegogo will give you the sleep deets you need to pull the trigger. And rest assured, you don't need to perform any obscure exercises before bed.

You can purchase the Snore Circle, which includes 10 electrodes, a charging dock, a quick start guide, a user manual, a charging cable, and a charging base, for $69.99 (Reg. $129).

Prices subject to change.