The untold story of George Romero's Resident Evil movie that never saw the light of day (of the dead)

Remember those awful Resident Evil movies? Even though you could potentially glean some entertainment from them, their objective trashiness can't be debated. And for bonus points, the recent Netflix Resident Evil series, which promised to be a fresh start for the franchise, was equally crappy. If they make a horrible live-action Broadway version of Raccoon City, it would be a hat trick for the Resident Evil series. 

Any longtime fans of the Resident Evil video games have to be wondering why Hollywood keeps failing to realize the series in live-action. Hollywood has been making successful and thought-provoking zombie films since the late 60s, thanks to George A. Romero. Why didn't they just get him to make a Resident Evil movie when he was still alive? What if I told you they tried to make that happen? 

In the video linked above, YouTuber Matt Draper talks about George Romero's unmade Resident Evil adaptation.