Ancient Romans munched on pizza at the Colosseum while watching the carnage below

Recent excavations of the sewer and water system of the Colosseum in Rome have revealed that spectators there dined on meat, nuts, olives, vegetables, and apparently, pizza.

As gladiators fought each other to the final breath and animals suffered violent deaths on Rome's Colosseum floor, Ancient Roman spectators were likely … snacking.

From January through August, archaeologist Martina Almonte led an excavation organized by the Parco del Colosseo into the sewer and water systems underneath the ancient amphitheater. Almonte and her team uncovered the remnants of meat, vegetables, olives, nuts, stone fruits, and yes, pizza.

Read the rest on Hyperallergic. What is not described in the Hyperallergic article, or in the linked-to press release from the Parco del Colosseo site (currently down), is how they were able to identify pizza.