Herschel Walker aides had asked son Christian to tell his dad, "Stop being a moron on TV" (texts released)

Failed Georgia candidate Herschel Walker wasn't just a Trump-picked calamity for the GOP, he was also a runaway stress-mobile for his campaign team, who couldn't keep him contained. In fact, they were so desperate to gain some control, they texted son Christian Walker, begging for his help.

Granted, this was back in June, months before Herschel's tawdry abortion news caused Christian to publicly denounce his father, but the "absent-father"–son relationship was, at this point, only lukewarm at best.

"Would you be open to talking to hw about some of the messaging stuff?" the aides asked even before Walker's outrageous comments on "erections" and wanting to be a werewolf had come to be. "I think he listens to you more than any of us."

And when Christian texted back, asking what they meant by the messaging stuff, the staffers gave examples of what Christian could tell his dad to help repair the crumbling campaign.

"Stop being a moron on TV," they suggested, and "Read your playbook before opening your mouth."

"Totally okay if not," they added. "We're just desperate."

From Yahoo!:

In a text to NBC News, Christian Walker said that he "told them about his children BACK IN JANUARY! Months before any story came out about it. I gave them a head start about all the information I knew."

Herschel Walker was such a frustrating candidate to work for that by Election Day, staffers knew they were likely to lose, according to one Republican consultant who saw many of them at a restaurant the day before the runoff election.

"They looked like a pack of beat puppies. It was sad," the consultant said, according to NBC.

Here are the texts, as reported by MSBNC and tweeted by Aaron Rupar: