Los Angeles clears homeless encampments ahead of mayoral inauguration

To honor the incoming Mayor Karen Bass, outgoing Mayor Eric Garcetti planned a clearing of the streets to provide a more pleasant atmosphere and to hide the city's failures to provide adequate housing for folks who need it. Like every politician in Los Angeles, Bass has sworn to make helping our unhoused compatriots her first priority.

ABC 7:

The individuals were loaded into vans and moved to the L.A. Grand Hotel, a federally-funded temporary homeless facility on Figueroa Street that is scheduled to shut down next month, the news outlet reported.

Homeless individuals told the Times that they were being moved ahead of the ceremony – a decision that apparently came from outgoing Mayor Eric Garcetti's office. Homeless outreach began in the area back in July.

Still, Eyewitness News cameras captured a few tents just steps away from City Hall Friday morning.