Rush Hour 4 is apparently a go

Fun fact: Eddie Murphy almost starred opposite Jackie Chan in the original Rush Hour. When the comedy veteran dropped out of the project, Chris Tucker ended up replacing him, and the rest is history. Although Murphy and Chan's chemistry would have probably been electric, Tucker proved to be the perfect partner to the kung-fu legend. The Rush Hour franchise, and by extension Tucker, helped push Chan further into the American consciousness and arguably is the series of movies that turned the actor into a household name in the West.

Even though Jackie Chan has slowed down on making action films, he's still made occasional forays into the genre- albeit in a less demanding capacity- over the years. Despite pushing 70, Chan can still run with the top dogs in action cinema. And according to Chan himself, the fourth installment of the Rush Hour series is on the way. It'll be interesting to see how the film plays out now that Chan has reduced the physicality of his performances.