Twitter cleaners fired without severance pay, just in time for Christmas

In addition to being crudely converted into a hotel so its diminished staff can work longer hours, the headquarters of Twitter will soon be as filthy and noisome as an early-hours hackathon: it has fired its cleaners, reports the BBC. The cleaners are independent contractors, not employees.

One of them told the BBC a member of Elon Musk's team had said their jobs would be replaced by robots. …

Adrianna Villarreal, who worked for Twitter for four years, said she's now worried she won't have enough money to feed her family over Christmas.

"It's a sad and frustrating thing for our families and children," she said.

The cleaners were working at Twitter last week until they were told their jobs were under threat.

Olga Miranda, president of the cleaners' union, said they organised a strike on Monday to protest. The cleaners were then told they had been laid off effective immediately, she says.

He's never faced consequences—as San Francisco's city attorney told the BBC, he's has a "long history of flouting labour laws"—so nothing anyone says or writes will matter.

But lets go back to this quote:

"He was told by someone from Mr Musk's team that his job would be obsolete soon anyway because robots [will] eventually replace human cleaners."

Imagine how disengaged from reality you'd have to be to think this is remotely feasible. The complete ignorance of how "cleaning" works, what "cleaning" entails.