Disgraced LA city council member Kevin de León gets into a fight at a toy give-away

Exposed bigot, LA city council member Kevin de León, got into a fight at a holiday giving event with a local activist. It is unclear who started the fight; a video posted to Twitter only shows a portion of the tussle. Local Police and Fire logs show both responded to a fight in the general vicinity of the gift-giving event but do not offer additional information. Each side blames the other.

LA Times:

The council member said in a statement that he was assaulted. Activists said De León was the aggressor.

De León was at Lincoln Park for a toy giveaway and holiday tree lighting when the incident occurred, his office told The Times.

A video posted to Twitter by two local activist organizations — RootsAction and J-TOWN Action and Solidarity — shows a brief portion of an altercation between De León and a man identified in the description as Jason Reedy, an organizer with the People's City Council.

The video, which is in slow motion, shows the council member with other people behind him in a hallway. De León pushes Reedy onto a table before grabbing Reedy again and forcing him down what appeared to be a hallway or doorway.

The 10-second video clip does not depict any other portion of Friday night's incident.

Image: screen grab