The League of Legends fighting game, Project L, looks incredible

We're in the middle of a fighting game renaissance. Despite being the dominant gaming genre in the 90s, thanks to the era's arcade culture and the advent of the Street Fighter franchise, fighting games have taken a back seat to other genres since the early 2000s. The gap between the death of the arcade scene and the dawn of online gaming caused fighting games to suffer a massive collapse in popularity. However, as online gaming has finally hit its stride, fighting games are making a massive resurgence.

Aside from the upcoming staples of the genre in Street Fighter 6 and Tekken 8, other companies are starting to develop their own fighting franchises. Earlier this year, both Nickelodeon and Warner Brothers created platform fighters to cash in the Smash Brothers market. Whereas Nickelodeon and Warner Brothers' entry into the fighting game genre was swift, Riot Games, the developers of League of Legends, has been crafting their own fighting game for years. 

Riot Games' mysterious "Project L" is finally starting to unveil some of its gameplay, which looks phenomenal. You can check out a glimpse of "Project L" in the video linked above.