The teaser for Bong Joon Ho's next project is finally here

Bong Joon Ho's current acclaim has been a long time coming. Standing at the forefront of South Korea's tidal wave of talented directors and storytellers, Bong Joon Ho has been something of a hidden master to mainstream film fans. For cinephiles with an eye trained on international films, Bong Joon Ho has always been a name to watch. 

Most American fans became familiar with the director's work with the dystopian sci-fi flick Snowpiercer. However, it was with 2019's Oscar-winning film Parasite that Bong Joon Ho finally came on everyone's radar. Since becoming the first director to create a foreign language film that won the Oscar for best picture, film fans have been curious to see what Joon Ho's follow-up movie would be. 

In the gorgeously shot teaser trailer linked above, you can get your first glimpse of Bong Joon Ho's new science fiction film Mickey-17, starring the ever-talented Robert Pattison.