Check out this dope Batman fan film, The Oath

Every storyteller in the superhero medium worth their salt has at least one Batman yarn under their belt. As a character, one could argue that Batman perfectly distills the superhero idea like no other. Unlike his countless contemporaries, whose origins constantly need to be retrofitted to keep pace with modernity, the Dark Knight's genesis is both eternal and succinct. As long as street crime and rich people exist, Batman's origin will always resonate. Batman also has the best villains, supporting cast, and hideout in the business. Plus, by making the Caped Crusader a mortal superhero, Batman beautifully walks the tightrope of being vulnerable and infallible at the same time.

Since the character's mythos is so incredibly flexible, it's always interesting to see how different creators handle Batman. In the video linked above, you can check out an incredible Batman fan film from Kaotica Studios inspired by the Tim Burton era of movies.