DIY Cardboard Picture Frame

In the age of digital photography, the old ritual of taking rolls of undeveloped film to a store for processing and printing is not so familiar. And that is a sad truth. Don't fret; this video from Sam-E Craft, "CARDBOARD PICTURE FRAME | DIY frame out of cardboard," explains how to make your picture frames at home – from left-over cardboard. So, all those old pictures in a box or an old album can now have a new life, bordered by corrugated cardboard and some colored construction paper. The instructions are for a small image, but you can scale the measurements and supplies like a recipe increased for more people. After the holiday, you may have a surplus of cardboard; what better way to get through the New Year than with a crafty idea for framing 2023? Sam-E Craft likes miniatures, so check out his other videos on how make tiny sized houses, modern buildings, and itsy-bitsy wardrobes.