Star Wars: Jedi Survivor continues the tradition of video games being the modern pinnacle of the franchise

Star Wars is in a rough spot. After Solo: A Star Wars Story flopped and the disastrous reception of the Disney sequel trilogy, the Star Wars franchise retreated to television in a desperate attempt to rehab the brand. Without a single film in development, it's safe to assume that Disney doesn't believe bringing Star Wars back to cinemas is the most profitable venture for the series at this juncture. And if that wasn't enough, John Boyega effectively vowed never to return to the franchise after the treatment he endured during the sequel trilogy.

Although the Star Wars shows have made some inroads toward mending the damage the sequel trilogy has done to the franchise; their inconsistent quality has only stalled the process. The only two places where Star Wars is still objectively killing it are animation and video games. You can check out the fantastic trailer for Star Wars: Jedi Survivor in the video linked above.