Rapper Yung Gravy uses his collection of tour bras to donate to women's shelters and breast cancer charities

Have you ever wondered who was the first musician to have a bra thrown at them on stage? Or, even better, who was the first woman to develop the idea? There's a first time for everything, and the concept of people hurling undergarments at musicians had to have a point of origin. Nowadays, the practice is so common in the touring world that for some people chucking one's bra has become interwoven into the ritualistic checklist of having fun at a live performance. You go to a concert, spark your lighter during a ballad and throw your bra. Hopefully, not in that order, as it could potentially be a fire hazard.

During his most recent tour, the up-and-coming rapper Yung Gravy decided to put his collection of tour bras to good use. Gravy decided to donate all of his bras to women's shelters and pledged the estimated amount of their collective worth to charities that fight breast cancer.