Video of Elon Musk getting booed on stage at Dave Chappelle's show last night was removed from Twitter (here's a copy)

Dave Chappelle had a treat for attendees at his comedy show in San Francisco last night. He brought attention-starved hectobillionaire Elon Musk on stage. Cameras weren't allowed at the show, but someone with the Twitter handle Cleo PatrA posted a video of Musk getting booed and jeered by the audience. Curiously, Cleo PatrA's account was deleted.

Fortunately, copies are still being posted to Twitterchan and YouTube so you can see what happened for yourself.

One attendee wrote on Twitter:

Was at the Dave Chapelle show at SF tonight and who comes on but Elon Musk! A good 80% of the stadium boos. 18k people. and he withers. Like absolutely turns into a corncob. 'What should I say??' He says. Dave tries to salvage the situation but to no avail.

"Cheers and boos, I see," Chappelle said after Musk walked on stage.

Musk looked stunned and stuttered, "Times like this, I think we're in a simulation. Like, how can this be real?"

Yes, Musk, how can it be real that people think you suck for inviting Nazis back on Twitter, disparaging LGBTQ people, promoting far-right lies, and posting reckless speculation against former Twitter employees that have resulted in death threats? Beats me!