Behold the goblin shark!

Watch these videos of a very strange animal—the goblin shark. It's a deep-sea creature with a fantastic snout, and a set of fascinating (and deadly) jaws. The sharks are typically around 10-12 feet long but can grow even larger. This video from National Geographic explains how the goblin shark's jaws work:

These are the fastest fish jaws in the ocean—10 feet per second. So fast they can only be seen in slow motion. Only the goblin has a jaw that whips forward like a slingshot, an ancient weapon that works even today.

Here's another video from Discovery Channel Southeast Asia featuring the goblin shark. The commentator in the video describes it, quite accurately, when he calls it "one of the most freaky deep sea sharks there is."

I know its jaws are deadly, but somehow the goblin shark is still adorable, as it looks like a cross between my favorite internet dog – Tuna – and Mr. Burns from the Simpsons.  Cute creature rating: 4/10