Marjorie Taylor Greene slams Kamala Harris for wearing "gender neutral" colors (video)

In one of her more bizarre rants of the last few days, fashion expert Marjorie Taylor Greene called out Vice President Kamala Harris, not for her political policies, but for the beige tones the VP dares to wear. Because, of course, wearing neutral colors can only mean one thing (if you're a Democrat), and being "gender neutral" is not something to mess with.

"Kamala Harris, she's so bland, and her clothes are so brown and neutral. She's trying to do the whole gender neutral thing or maybe disappear into the background that you can't see her," the Georgia congresswoman said, using intense hand gestures to really get her point across.

But when she paused for dramatic affect, waiting for an audience reaction, she was instead met with an awkward silence. So Marge powered through with a trippy non-sequitur: "Or it's a passage of time, or passage of time, or something like that." Whatever "that" is supposed to mean.

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