A GOP operative was arrested last month for kicking a dog in the stomach. Rep. Mike Collins just selected him for chief of staff

In November, veteran Georgia Republican operative  Brandon Phillips was arrested on charges of animal cruelty for allegedly kicking a dog in the stomach.

After his arrest, three Georgia Republican congressional staffers told Politico that incoming Georgia Rep. Mike Collins just selected Phillips as his chief of staff.

Phillips sounds perfect for the role. From Politico:

Phillips allegedly kicked the dog of a woman named Tifani Eledge with his boot, causing a cut to the animal's stomach, according to an affidavit attached to a warrant for Phillips' arrest. 

Phillips resigned from the Trump campaign in September 2016 after local TV station WSB-TV revealed his previous criminal history. A separate story by WXIA in Atlanta reported that in 2008, he "attacked" a man and slashed his tires, and threw a woman's laptop. During the incident, Phillips caused "visible bodily harm" and "cuts and bruises to the head and torso" of the male victim, according to the Macon Telegraph, citing a Superior Court indictment.

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