Twitter suspends account tracking Musk's private jet travel

Air travel is a matter of public record, and ElonJet was a Twitter account that showed whenever Elon Musk's private jet was in the sky—an embarassment for a man who declared "climate change is the biggest threat that humanity faces this century." So embarrassed was Musk that he first offered the account's operator a modest sum to shut it down.

Now, though, Musk owns Twitter and doesn't have to pay anything to shut the account down, after earlier limiting its visibility—at least beyond the fabulous $44bn sum he and his creditors forked out for the site itself.

I read people saying that Musk getting publicly booed by Dave Chappelle's fans really wrecked him the other night. But the implication, that until that point he was acting in good faith, is fanciful to say the least. His free speech pretensions were ever as sincere as everyone else's in the far-right crazytown he follows, promotes, and is now mayor of.

Update: Now on Facebook, ElonJet (also a website) reports that the suspension took place right before Elon's Jet flew from California to Austin, Texas. Bon voyage!

Update: The account's author is now also suspended. Twitter has also reportedly begun removing other jet-tracking accounts—perhaps a stab at retroactive policy justification.

Update: Twitter has translated Musk's spite into formal policy, but also readmitted @elonjet so long as it doesn't post the data "live".