Georgia boss Marjorie Taylor Greene says GOP's "five families" meet with Kevin McCarthy every week

Mobster wannabe Marjorie Taylor Greene compared the GOP to the mafia, telling Steve Bannon that the Republican party is divided into "five families" that meet on a weekly basis. (See video below.)

"People are arguing, people are clashing, people are also starting to agree, and there's a meeting that's happening every single week, and we meet in Kevin McCarthy's office, and it's called the 'five families,'" she said, using a mafia reference glorified by Mario Puzo's Godfather series — and later, by Francis Ford Coppola's films.

"And the five families — you know my reference," mobster Madge continued, smiling coyly. "The five families are parts of our conference … And we're coming together and having discussions on how we're going to govern in the majority, and it's literally my favorite meeting."

I wonder if the Georgia don, whose five-family fantasy is as fanciful as the gazpacho police, knows how The Godfather ends?

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