Here is the wonderfully avant-garde Kate Bush Christmas TV Special from 1979 with special guest Peter Gabriel

On December 28, 1979, BBC TV aired Kate, aka the "Kate Bush Christmas Special." Then 21-years-old, Kate's album Lionheart had been released the prior month and she was immersed in recording the follow-up, Never For Ever. Notably, the only Christmas-themed tune she does is "December Will Be Magic Again." She pulls from her first three albums and covers Erik Satie's atmospheric and minimalist 19th century masterpiece "Gymnopodie No. 3." Compared to most any Christmas TV special, it's quite an e avant-garde program. From Far Out:

Directed by Roy Norton, the 45-minute performance saw Bush bring the theatricality of her stage show to the small screen, offering her suburban-bound teenage fans the chance to see her in action. From the moment she jumps into the frame, dressed like some chiffon-clad bat, it's clear Bush has no intention of offering us any of the wholesomeness of the Morecambe and Wise Christmas specials – rather her intention is to thrill us into submission.

Surreal and heartwarming in equal measure, Kate: Kate Bush Christmas Special 1979 is a wonder to behold. 

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