Kari Lake's lawsuit is "embarrassing," according to attorneys who know what they're talking about

In news that surprises literally nobody, Kari Lake's latest lawsuit to overturn the 2022 Governor's election—which she lost to Democrat Katie Hobbs—is "poorly written" and "embarrassing," according to attorney Jim Barton. AZ Mirror reports:

Kari Lake's lawsuit seeking to overturn the 2022 election and re-do voting will be swiftly thrown out because the claims it makes aren't supported by any evidence and are overly generic, according to legal experts. 

"It is poorly written, frankly," Jim Barton, a Democratic election attorney and partner at Barton Mendez Soto in Tempe, told the Arizona Mirror. "It's so long and meandering. I think the underlying claims are terrible and the lawsuit is terrible and it's, frankly, embarrassing that this kind of thing can get filed."

He said the lawsuit fails to make a specific claim and ought to be dismissed outright.

"It does not even come close to providing the level of specificity that you need to file a lawsuit," he said.

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