Twitter bans "live" reports of anyone's location, justifying @Elonjet suspension—and implicating news reporting, protesting, and organizing lunch

Elon Musk, Twitter's new owner, hated the account that tweeted journeys made in his private jet—quite the embarassment for a man who says climate change is the world's greatest threat. Air travel is public record, and Musk himself admitted it was a matter of free speech to let it stay on the site.

But his fortune descends and his misery ascends, and so the account and its operator were today suspended without explanation. Hours later comes a hastily-written policy change retroactively justifying the ban.

It's obviously a capricious, tossed-off new rule that exists exclusively to please the boss and will only be applied to that end. Twittering the venue of your lunch salad will probably not get you in trouble. Nonetheless, if you're the sort to point out that Musk and the rest of them are naked hypocrites, your day is made!

Update: After another humiliating day for Musk and co., @Elonjet is back—apparently on the agreement that its postings are not "live".

Update: It was banned again minutes after I posted the last update. What a shitshow.