Avert your eyes, we're getting an American version of Peep Show

If there are two things the British know how to do, it's put together a decent rock band and produce hilarious comedy. From Black Adder to Black Books and Monty Python to A Bit of Fry and Laurie, the Brits have a special magic for crafting genius comedy. In the early 2000s, fans of British humor were treated to an embarrassment of riches as the decade spawned some of the finest British television comedies ever produced. Although IT CrowdGarth Marenghi's Darkplace, and The Office were brilliant in their own right, for my money Peep Show sits comfortably at the apex of British sitcoms from the 2000s.

If Americans know how to do two things, it's importing British comedies and botching the adaptation process. For every All in the Family and The Office, you have at least two more American versions of shows like the IT Crowd and Faulty Towers. According to Variety, we may be adding yet another American reboot of Peep Show to the list of failed adaptations of British sitcoms. 

FX has ordered a pilot for an American reboot of the British comedy series "Peep Show."

The half-hour project hails from writer Stefani Robinson. Per the official series logline, the new version "takes inspiration from the original U.K. series and its unique narrative format. It follows the relationship between a long-suffering assistant and her boss, an emotionally unstable tech entrepreneur."

Robinson will executive produce the pilot in addition to writing. Dianne McGunigle will also executive produce along with Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain, two of the co-creators of the original series. Hannah Mackay and Ben Farrell of Objective Fiction, which produced the original series, will also executive produce.