God of War is getting a live-action Amazon Prime Video series

The God of War franchise is addicted to success. God of War has always turned heads since its earliest days on the Playstation 3. Initially, the game was packed to the gills with copious amounts of sex and violence to satiate its bloodthirst fanbase. However, as the complexity of video game narratives evolved, Kratos- the gruff protagonist of the God of War series- also evolved to keep in step with the industry. The result was 2018's God of War reboot which significantly matured the historically sophomoric series. The reboot's success led the way for a sequel in 2022's God of War: Ragnarok

Despite only being a month old, God of War: Ragnarok has already racked up a decent amount of attention for its brilliant gameplay and storytelling. According to Variety, Amazon Prime Video sees potential in the franchise's story and wants to make a live-action series based on the game. 

A live-action adaptation of PlayStation's hit video game franchise "God of War" has been ordered to series at Amazon's Prime Video, with "Wheel of Time" boss Rafe Judkins set as showrunner.

Based on the massively popular 2018 video game, the show follows Kratos, the God of War, who, after exiling himself from his blood-soaked past in ancient Greece, hangs up his weapons forever in the Norse realm of Midgard, per Amazon's description. When his beloved wife dies, Kratos sets off on a dangerous journey with his estranged son Atreus to spread her ashes from the highest peak — his wife's final wish. Kratos soon realizes the journey is an epic quest in disguise, one which will test the bonds between father and son, and force Kratos to battle new gods and monsters for the fate of the world.