John Waters lists his favorite films of 2022

Film director John Waters, the legendary pope of trash, shared his ten favorite films of 2022 in ArtForum. Here are the top three:

PETER VON KANT (François Ozon)
By far the best movie of the year. Fassbinder's classic lesbian melodrama is appropriated and remade as a gay Frenchman's love letter to the original version. Hilariously stilted, often overwrought, but always highly entertaining, this cock-eyed tribute will make you swoon when Hanna Schygulla finally makes an appearance and Isabelle Adjani soon follows. My God, it's just plain Douglas Sirk perfect.

EO (Jerzy Skolimowski)
Another tribute film, this time Bresson's Au Hasard Balthazar meets Old Yeller. Can a donkey remember? Just ask Isabelle Huppert, who pops up in this movie for no apparent reason except that she's the best actress in the world.

SICK OF MYSELF (Kristoffer Borgli)
A pair of narcissistic Norwegian lovers can't stop competing for the public's attention. He's a sculptor who uses furniture he steals as material, and she takes recalled poison medication on purpose to make her skin break out in rashes and boils so she can become a model with disabilities. No, it's not Female Trouble, but it's just as nuts. Pretty? Pretty? Pretty fucked up!