Republican thought leaders Tyson and Carlson discuss the true nature of time, space, and misogyny

In the past American conservatives had guys like William F Buckley and John McLaughlin to look to for deep insights into how things work and where the nation should go. Now they have a convicted rapist and a TV host who endorses scrotum tanning leading the charge.

Raw Story:

"A man has to run the world," he said. "That's the way that it's always been. I'm sure you know that, right?"

"I did know that," Carlson replied. "So to you, it's just obvious there's God?"

"I don't know if his name is really God, Allah," Tyson remarked. "Who is the first guy that started my bloodline? How did that happen? Was it a dinosaur? Was it one of those aliens that they say were around a couple of million years ago? Who was it?"

"Just think about the time," he continued. "Time doesn't exist. It's only internally. We created time. You know, so when we say time, the father — the heavenly father, he didn't make time. There's no time. There's only eternity."

"What is time?" Tyson said. "Time is something we created. God, the universe didn't create time. It created eternity."