Viral sensations Toasters 'N' Moose, of "Taste the Biscuit" fame, offer up a festive sequel: "Christmas Biscuits"

Toasters 'N' Moose became viral sensations this year for "Taste the Biscuit." Its music video, shot in a thrift store, is actually from a 2011 mockumentary called Chickens in the Shadows. It started making the rounds this summer and soon Vincent Gargiulo, the mastermind behind it, took credit for it on TikTok. Now, the real-life grey-haired duo from the video, Estelle Piper (Toasters) and Tom Shaw (Moose), are embracing the late-earned fame and have released a Christmas album with Gargiulo. Taste the Christmas is just four songs long but includes "Christmas Biscuits," a funky holiday-themed love letter to the original, and from Toasters to Moose, with a hook that will be hard to shake. The song's quirky music video features cameos by figure skaters Natalie Renier-Bertolucci and Diquan Richard, and the world-famous Tree Twins.