When a store customer is told she can't exchange used underwear, she tries stealing new ones

This store doesn't exchange used undergarments, but this customer tries to do it anyway. When the manager refuses to honor her unreasonable request, the customer decides that stealing fresh replacements is a good Plan B. But the manager doesn't like that either. After an uncomfortable standoff, which involves the customer tussling with the manager, the customer departs, no doubt unsatisfied with the outcome but perhaps enriched with a deeper understanding of the store's policy regarding exchanges.

I wouldn't bet on it, though.


When you have to start recording becuse she was threatening to call the cops and put her hand in her face 😂. #karensoftiktok #karens #retail

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In this follow-up video, the manager and employee describe what happened:


Replying to @too5uave should we do a part 2?? we tried to cover all the questions😂😂 #storytime #karensgoingwild

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