20 tabletop roleplaying games from 2022

Gizmodo/io9 has put together a fascinating list of 20 TTRPGs released this year. Even though I cover the tabletop gaming scene, follow newsfeeds, read gaming magazines, there are still a number of titles on this list I've never heard of.

Amongst games like Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel, Cy_Borg, Into the Odd, and The One Ring, there are many undiscovered gems. Here's a taste:


I will fully admit that solo games are a hard sell for me. But Notorious is the exception to the rule, creating an immersive and wonderful game experience that makes it feel as if I'm sitting at a table with friends.

Apollo 47

I've spoken before about how much I love this game, but I'm here to radio its praises down again. This games is incredibly lightweight and delightful to teach other people. You literally sit down and chatter about the most mundane bits of technology that also happen to be exceptionally highly advanced space thingamabobs. It is so compelling precisely because its design is so simple and clever.


Probably the game that I am most hyped to receive in physical form, DIE RPG by Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans is a meta-textual love letter to gaming, storytelling, and their own comic creation. It's a game that is built to destroy you, and in the two sessions I've played with my friends it has broken my heart not less than five times. It combines a very clever premise with the ability to do pretty much anything you want, but the consequences, the final decision, always looms large in the minds of you and your companions.

See the full slideshow on Gizmodo.

[H/t Matthew Hawn]