"Influencers in the Wild" offers a new angle on always-online public streamers

Influencers record everything. Everything. Ubiquitous, omnipresent, and incessant, their content is unedited, honest, and unadulterated realness. But what happens when that is caught on video? The Instagram account "Influencers in the Wild, where the creators are the content," turns the camera on the creators—from afar, and evidently unaware their public antics are being filmed by more than one camera. This is not filming improvisation but the celluloid capture of repeatedly-rehearsed fakeness, like exposing how the corn syrup is made.

But wait, there is more. "Influencers in the Wild" is not only a trolling social media platform where the collective public can upload content, but also the name of a board game:

"Do you meet the minimal talent requirements necessary to entertain the masses? Are you willing to ruin every moment with incessant content creation? Congratulations, you're ready to be an influencer. Experience the underwhelming life change a huge following brings with your new favorite board game."