Primate chaos at Swedish zoo

What the Furuvik? This story just gets more and more awful. A few days ago, a group of chimpanzees escaped their enclosure at Furuvik Zoo, 100 miles north of Stockholm, Sweden. Three of them were shot dead and a fourth was wounded. According to The Guardian:

The zoo told Swedish media that the animals had to be killed because there was not enough tranquilliser for all of them.

Now, four chimpanzees, including one who is wounded, are still loose. Again, The Guardian:

Four chimpanzees, one of which is wounded, were on the loose inside a building in a Swedish zoo on Thursday, a day after they escaped from their enclosure. Three others have been shot dead.

Swedish officials and media said the wounded animal had not received veterinary attention because no one could safely get inside the building at Furuvik zoo.

The chimps were inside the monkey house but staff had not been able to get the three uninjured ones back into their enclosure, the animal park said in a statement. The wounded animal returned to its enclosure on its own.

"This means that we cannot yet allow people to move freely in the park and we are still on full alert," the zoo said.

Furuvik Zoo is apparently part of an amusement park and also operates the only primate research center in the Nordic countries. Maybe—just hear me out—the whole zoo + amusement park combo isn't really working, folks.