Spinach causing "severe sickness" and "marked hallucinations" in Australia

Nine people have become severely ill with symptoms that include blurred vision, spiked heart rates, delirium, and hallucinations after eating Riviera Farms baby spinach from Costco in Australia. Riviera Farms says the spinach was likely tainted by a weed, according to BBC.

Although people who have eaten the tainted spinach are "quite sick … to the point of marked hallucinations," according to Dr Darren Roberts of the Poisons Information Centre in New South Wales Health, he says that nobody has died, "and we hope it remains that way."

From BBC:

Toxic spinach has sparked an urgent health alert in Australia after people who consumed it suffered severe sickness and hallucinations. …

New South Wales Health has warned any packets of the brand's spinach with an expiry date of December 16 are not safe to consume and should be thrown out.

It also urged anyone who has experienced any unusual symptoms after eating the spinach to immediately seek hospital care.

Everyone affect so far as been from Sydney, but obviously anyone with that brand of spinach in Australia should immediately toss it.