5-Minute Crafts offers a perfect way to ruin two pairs of shoes at once

Nothing brings me more joy recently than scrolling through r/DiWHY. It's an archive of all the missteps the denizens of the Internet may take when trying to fix something themselves, and if nothing else, serves as proof that you should always hire a professional. Take, for instance, this video from 5 Minute Crafts. This channel, and others like it, have been scraping the bottom of the barrel for quite a while, providing odd and esoteric solutions to problems that almost no one seems to actually have. The video in question regards the creation of a horrible Frankenshoe created by splicing together a pair of Doc Martens (which are not cheap) and a pair of Crocs. If you've ever wanted to look utterly insane—or just stare into the abyss for a few minutes—this is the tutorial for you.