Four horses rescued from an icy pond

Four horse siblings—Apollo, Tilly, Sergeant, and Cricket—fell into a pond last week In Kalispell, Montana, that looked frozen solid but wasn't. The poor horses were submerged up to their necks and struggling to climb out of the 10-foot-deep pond, to no avail. Ranch manager Alexis Langlois and dozens of neighbors tried their best to rescue the animals, but weren't able to do so until local emergency responders and volunteer personnel from the South Kalispell Fire Department arrived to help. The Washington Post explains:

It took nearly two hours to find a workable solution that could bring all four horses to safety. It was a process of trial and error that required a few firefighters to slip into the frigid water to tie straps under the chests of the horses.

Thankfully, in the end, all four horses were rescued and all are in good shape after the ordeal:

Once the four horses were rescued, their vital signs were checked and monitored, and a veterinarian came the following morning and gave them all a clean bill of health.